Corporate Management

Treasury and financial projection

An efficient and prudent financial management should provide the financial needs in time to allow it the coverage to reduce financial charges and bank costs, improve the dialogue and the opinion on the Company by the banking system.

The theme is particularly topical after the introduction of complex rules and constraints known as "Basel 2 and 3" which induce the banks to be more selective in granting loans and to weigh the cost of access to credit for all those companies that don't manage it with efficiency and punctuality.

To achieve these goals is required a cash management able to provide day by day, short-term projections and timely information on the situation of cash and banks.
For a Holding, the activation of a centralized treasury (or "cash pooling") allow to obtain a general streamlining of financial management as well as economic advantages including:

  • reduction in financial charges
  • centralization of control on the financial situation and conditions
  • processes' simplification, moving to a single central service all the complexities and peculiarities related to relationship management company / bank.
Treasury and financial projection

Financial projections (anticipated treasury)

Multiconsult, thanks to the competence acquired completing many specific projects at the side of companies of various sizes and sectors, is able to assist the Company in setting methodology for treasury management, and in the following actuation.
Our consultants work closely with the treasurer, and in case with other business leaders, in all phases of the project creating a progressive and effective transfer of skills and methodologies.
special attention is given to the review of the information system and the activation of tools that will be used by the treasurer, supporting him in the evaluation of the following options:

  • software selection and activation between those offered by the market
  • activation of Tesor which is an application developed by Muticonsult in the Microsoft Office environment, particularly interesting for its ease of use and speed of implementation

The activation of the Treasury often is the first step followed after a few years by the activation of a specific software market.

Centralized treasury

The centralized treasury requires that almost all tasks related to banks' relations management are exclusively managed by one company belonging to a group that acts as "treasurer".

Experience in management of cash pooling allows us to support the Group's companies in both the stages of setting and implementation of the project:

  • identification of the company treasurer, and setting its corporate and operative structure to ensure operations in the financial sector, in accordance with the current regulations and supervisors' requirement
  • definition of intragroup's contractual relations (current accounts, intercompany levels of trust, economic conditions, reconciliation procedures, ..)
  • rationalization and operational setting of the Group's banking relationships
  • review of operative, accounting and IT procedures in order to adapt them to the new operation
  • developing of the intra-group reporting focused on the treasurer's activities as the financial flows planning and the funding for the various Group's companies

Unlike most of the projects that affect the organization, in this case, the return on investment is extremely quick, concrete, obvious, and there aren't risk of failure.