Corporate Management

Business Plan

The Business Plan is a tool of fundamental importance for the presentation of the company's strategy and an indication of current and future operational steps through which this occurs.

The importance that was attributed to the Business Plan as a tool for dialogue and exchange between the company and financial system threatens to overshadow the significance of the Business Plan as an internal medium-term guiding tool for the management and as a matrix from which originate the annual budgets.

That aspect on the contrary is important and also deserves the companies' attention that do not show criticalities under the financial viewpoint.


Business Plan

The development of a Business Plan involves the entire company which is called to define the business strategy by manufacturing, logistics and commercial activities.

Strategy and actions are therefore presented in a document whose structure is generally defined as follows:

  • Executive Summary - presents and summarizes the key aspects of business plans and financial results expected
  • Presentation and historical profile of the company - presents the company and significant events that have characterized its origins and development
  • Market and competitors Analysis - presents the context in which the company operates and the key success factors that regulate the target market
  • Product and sales network - presents the products and services which are offered to the market and the marketing and sales organization with particular emphasis on development plan
  • Management and organization - has the distinctive characteristics of the organization and its distinguishing factors associated
  • Economic and Financial Plan (at least three years) - translates the strategy and the planned and taken actions in numbers. Particular attention is given to the expected cash flows.

Multiconsult coordinates the entire process of gathering information involving the various business functions and stimulating insights and discussions to produce a document clearly and effectively representative.


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