Business Process & Solutions

Analysis and process optimization

The maximization of the company's efficiency (which can be simply defined as the ability to do what you need economically and quickly) is undoubtedly one of the main tasks of each organization which pursues profit targets.

The companies which are able to combine it in a balanced way with the effectiveness (doing what it takes to satisfy the customer) are very competitive.

To improve the organization a "process" approach is what is needed, transversely focused on all the activity carried out across the various business areas, the dynamics of information flows, human resources, coordination arrangements, and on available tools.
And on this basis to propose the best process configuration that combines efficiency and effectiveness.

Analysis and process optimization

The revision projects are generally called "Business Process Reengineering", and represent a central element in the service offered by Multiconsult.
Our methodology has been developed and tested in many business situations, different for size, industry sector and objective analysis.
The main phases of a BPR project are:

  • Mapping of business processes
  • Process analysis: the organizational, managerial and information inefficiencies are identified consistently with the project's aims
  • Re-engineering of processes that are used to spell out opportunities for improvement
  • Action plan preparation with introduction of short and medium-long term actions which identify the steps and timing to be met to achieve effective implementation of improvement opportunities..


Depending on the specific case our consultants choose to use sophisticated tools such as AIOWIN KBSI, using standard logic for mapping IDEF0 graphic processes, instead of Multiprocess, package developed internally to support all activities of analysis.