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ERP project control

The implementing of an ERP project has a high organizational content.

Change management involves the conduction of an extraordinary project for the company, which requires time and awareness to lead to a satisfying outcome.
Multiconsult acts in complete independence from ERP implementers and vendors, and joins the client to ensure a high control of the project and the achievement of expected results.


ERP project control

When a company decides to implement a new ERP system it has to rely on the achievement of expected results and on a project's cost that respects the initial listing.


To obtain results that meet the expectations the ERP project must be lead with methodology and professionalism. As the first step there is the definition of clear and complete requirements, and as the second the constant monitoring of the project.

The knowledge of ERP projects, and the organizational matrix underpinning Multiconsult, allow the customer to take advantage of the new ERP as a means to increase effectiveness and efficiency of your organization.

Multiconsult has achieved high expertise in helping companies with new ERP implementations.


The Multiconsult's consultants join the client in a unique team who dialogue with the ERP partner.

Knowledge of ERP projects, their peculiarities and pitfalls, and their opportunities and problems, has allowed Multiconsult to build a methodology for an effective and safe projects' control.

Multiconsult devotes particular attention to the project's preparation, defining clearly the requirements and drafting of a contract that guarantees the customer to sign a real fixed price project.

During the project Multiconsult applies a constant and accurate control, supporting the customer in all phases of the project with the following objectives:

  • monitoring of the activities' progress
  • managing organizational change
  • checking the correct coverage of the requirements laid down in contracts
  • avoid deviations from the project and the consequent increase in costs
  • reporting periodically to the company's management

The project's control is facilitated by tools that Multiconsult provides the customer which support information management, tests and progress reports.