ICT consulting

Security, privacy, disaster recovery

All companies are aware of the importance of data in their information systems and damage that may result from loss, unauthorized disclosure, or from theft.
It is easy to imagine the consequences:

  • failures, fire or flood which damage corporate servers
  • misappropriation of company confidential material (eg. Sent by mail or copy to USB)
  • access of their staff to critical data (eg. Reorganization plans, salaries, ...)
  • lost or stolen laptops
  • Virus attacks
Security, privacy, disaster recovery

In spite of the growing awareness, yet few companies have implemented adequate security systems, and most of them were limited to installing antivirus software and firewall and also the Privacy Policy, which calls for adoption of some basic security measures, is merely experienced as a bureaucratic measure.

The available technologies are effective and affordable solutions to yield your systems more secure and ready to face predictable disasters, in this area Multiconsult offers the following services:

  • information security assessment
  • drafting of Computer Company Rules and DPS "privacy"
  • backup installation and configuration
  • Microsoft security rules configuration
  • defining of security rules for Internet browsing
  • disaster recovery projects


For management and security configuration is common the use of tools released for free from major software vendors.