Mission and Values

Starting from customer satisfaction we wish to strengthen our position in management consulting services for medium and large companies.

We aim at carrying a contribution to our customers professionaly and focusing on results.

We apply a method based on business values shared by all our staff.


Meticulous preparation and natural predisposition for innovation allow our professionals to provide effective solutions based on a quick customer's needs identification and a knowledge of the latest technological solutions and methods.


Multiconsult posseses a dynamic structure capable to look after the customer from basic settings to operating realization, suggesting solutions and tools always updated and sized on the real customer's needs.


The knowledge of different technological solutions available on the market and the intersectoral experience allow MULTICONSULT to always find, the best response for customer's demands, objectively and with indipendence.

... and Quality

MULTICONSULT is ISO 9001 certified to guarantee its commitment for a continuous customer service improvement.